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Have you been to the highest peaks and to the darkest night of your soul and everywhere in between? In Wild Ride to Bliss, author Lisa Paskel helps you experience the most magnificent you by learning to let go of fear, worry, doubt, and negative beliefs.

She shares a set of tools to help you get out of your way so you can fully and blissfully experience you. By developing and learning to utilize an effective tool set, you’ll be able to create and manifest all the wonderful things you desire, and then some. You’ll discover and experience who you are from the most authentic, satisfying, and joyful connection.

This powerful guide unravels the mystery of your inner being, taking you on a spiritual and metaphysical journey toward living in the now and discovering your bliss. This refreshing and pertinent message covers a variety of topics regarding personal growth, a deeper self-awareness, and how to intimately know one’s soul.