“I Give Up Excuses For Negative Emotions!”


Performance Coordinator Coach

In Action!
  • If you were training as an athlete for the Olympics you would have a Performance Coach. So many great leaders and highly successful people have claimed that they could not have done it alone.
  • So often we lose clarity in our ability to communicate effectively which hampers our ability to empower and inspire others.
  • We can learn to meet our own potential, and inspire others towards their individual and group potential.
  • A Performance Coach, such as myself, can guide you efficiently and quickly towards greater success and overall increases in performance and well-being.
  • I have the ability to guide you in identifying goals, which enables me to help you discover the areas for which you can create more flexibility, boundaries and communication- all which lead to happiness, abundance of health and wealth.
  • I help facilitate a harmonious environments.
  • Once we establish clear intentions and goals I develop a specific program that caters to the needs and potential growth of you or your organization.
  • Imagine a work environment, for which people genuinely want to be participating, collaborating, and performing in their potential. This cohesive collaboration leads to greater success and growth.
  • As part of my life training work, I have developed a series of professional and personal development modules which aim to guide and facilitate individuals and groups through a series of practical exercises and growth opportunities.

Our collaboration promotes and instills a set of practical tools for effective life management, and harnessing the ability to manifest success through proper alignment with Self and goals.


It is often difficult to navigate, prioritize, and maximize our potential as professionals working in demanding environments. This seminar/consultation focuses on the development of the necessary tools needed to create balance and alignment with specific intentions and goals all while earning how to optimize our skills and energy, so that we communicate effectively.  This course empowers individuals and groups to master the effective nature of collaboration and productivity.


This module seeks to explore how our resistance to change impedes performance and quality of work. So many of us are result oriented to the point that we constrict our energies and miss opportunities while narrow mindedly executing the tasks required to meet our desired goals.  We cannot realize our potential while we are focused solely on the outcome. The ability to harness our power and potential is lost when we do not know how to be “Present” in our lives.  This course is designed to guide the individual or group out of their perceived “story” and expectations, and into the here and now, where true potentials thrives.


We cannot reach our potential when we have a foot rooted in fear. We fear the unknown more than anything else in life. This fear creates insecurities that stifle our abilities and saps our will to take appropriate risks to reach beyond our comfort zone. This behavior can prevent us from excelling in our lives. Fear regarding job security is one of the leading inhibitors of positive production within the work place. This program is designed to identify these harmful habits and replace them with tools that enable expansive growth and proper assessment, leading to the deliberate manifestation of success. By applying ideals of proper assessment, we learn to operate from a perspective that trumps the fleeting preferences, whims, and fears of the mind.  By unlocking and understanding past behavioral patterns, we embrace a more abundant and truthful present.


 All the great leaders of our world have led by example.  Those who have led by force have often met their demise.  Is it effective to delegate without being an example of what we are asking of others?  Learning to encourage, empower, and create an inclusive environment for our teams and staff is the pinnacle of this course.  We will navigate through a series of exercises dealing with effective communication, collaboration, and productivity.  We will learn, to facilitate, and operate from a platform that brings out the greatest value in ourselves and others.  We will maximize our productivity as we learn to quantify our resources.


Manifesting trusting, intimate, and satisfying relationships is the crux of this course. Learn to know what you want in a relationship and how to attain it. Through a series of deep and reflective exercises and teachings we will learn to align, attract and manifest the most meaningful, and rewarding relationships. Whether professional or personal, this series is designed to help us eliminate our unrealistic expectations of others, and the world in general. By examining ourselves and looking closely at the wants and desires we project into the world, we begin to understand that law of attraction brings us exactly what we emanate.  We will identify beliefs, habits, and behaviors that inhibit us from experiencing prosperous connections. We will establish new beliefs and generate intentions that allow for the quality in communication and intimacy that we all desire. We will break through the veil that keeps us from the light of our beautiful, open, and expansive hearts.


Without a “governing intention,” we have no barometer to measure our thoughts and behaviors. Addictions manifest when there is no intellect to oversee the ever-changing preferences of our minds. By allowing ourselves to develop proper intentions that supersede the fluctuating thoughts of the emotional mind, we are able to eradicate negative patterns which stimulate poor choices and irrational behaviors. This course is designed to help us understand how negative habits have formed through perceived and experienced traumas. We will learn to become deliberate with our intentions, using them to govern our lives, creating relief and freedom. The teachings in this seminar help us to define our responsibilities and to create the life we want to live. Clarity of thought is the key to eradicating negative patterns.


-Managing Conflict

-Overcoming Stress

-Understanding and Embracing Change

-Healthy Team Building

-Maximizing Opportunity

-Setting Positive Intentions

-Manifesting Success

-Staying Healthy in the Professional Environment

-Learning to Manage Anger and Frustration

-How to Be Authentic in Any Environment


Private and Group Consulting sessions, seminars and courses dedicated to promoting the use effective tools for increasing productivity, collaboration, and cooperation within the workplace. Sessions and seminars are designed and structured based on the need of the client. Implementation of healthy values and work practices for lasting results are guaranteed.


Imagine taking your group or team to a special location along the coastline of Costa Rica, hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California or riding the rapids down the Colorado River. Using nature as a classroom to assist in Team Building, Empowerment, and Expansive Growth for the individual and group is the goal of Retreats and Trainings. Getting Present Adventures, are designed to create dynamic experiences that are sure to provide lasting benefits and positive changes. Retreats are fully customizable according to the needs, goals and sizes of the group.


One on One, with Lisa.  Seize your opportunity to explore through a series of well-developed exercises and guided instruction that enables you to develop the skills necessary to create the life you truly want. Be the most dynamic realization of your potential!


  • I am an Expert Yoga Teacher, Mind/Core Integrator, Motivational Speaker, and Adventure/Yoga Retreat Facilitator.  I have worked with individuals and groups since 1985.  Having once owned and founded eight thriving Yoga Studios, I have been instrumental in transforming communities, and helping others, lead more authentic and prosperous, happy lives.   I thrive in helping people find their success by facilitating experiences through, Adventures in Nature, Workshops, Life Trainings, Individual Coaching, and Speaking Engagements.  I have been able to help tens of thousands of people with the philosophy I employ, “Getting Present.”    It is only when we are in truth, that we can be fully Present to live our lives powerfully, authentically and abundantly.