“I am letting go of trying to be myself and just Be”

96H X 48W
Acrylic on Wood, Card Board, Elephant Dung Paper, Oil
The enormity of all that is life shakes me to the core with both excitement and awe. We exist, but specs, in this Infinite Universal experience, trying to connect to something real. This Miya (illusion) of identity and attachment leaves me with the echoes of my voice, “Here.” Who hears my, Here? The unknown use to frighten me. Now, the unknown excites me knowing in that abyss is creation.
48H X 30W
Resin over Spray Paint, Acrylic on Canvas
Oh, the passing thoughts in the pursuit of stillness.
36H X 60W
Acrylic, Tape, paper- Mixed Media on Canvas
In meditation/prayer there are moments when the mind quiets and we sink into the abyss of weightless being-ness. In the moment of climax we again lose the weight f our minds and find a moment of abyss. Why are we so many ashamed to experience open weightlessness in our expression of being? To be present, raw, awake and free in a world where there is so much fear and illusion, means to find one’s courage and ultimate connection to the kundalini. Uncover the illusion, the false identities and attachments, and become present. I pray for our return to Truth- to Self, to freedom.
2H X 4W
60W x 12H
Found Wood, Spray Paint, Oil, Acrylic, Varnish, Screen, Putty, Paper, Feathers, Thread, Button, Resin
Found Emotions. Finding anything and everything to create on. Moving through past memories- moments present and then left in this heart space of mine to feel.

Chief Details

36H X 36W
Spray Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Jewels, Thread, Button, Paper, Photo, Resin on Canvas
This piece is a glimpse into the mirage of past memories and the collision of those memories here in present moment. How do we not drag the dead past to this all perfect moment! The two faces in the collage represent two cultures of great spiritual influence. Western and Eastern Indian spiritual identities and teachings- giving the viewer the opportunity to examine who they are in the contrast and yet most similar form of spiritual and religious identity. Who are we in this vast mirage- this “Maya”- What tools do we have to help us connect to our most authentic and true Self? To our very nature?
48H X 30W
Acrylic, House Paint, Spray Paint, Drip on canvas
My heart is for humanity now. Tears of release, of prayer and hope. May we all elevate to the vibration of our highest SELF. THE NON-SELF. The heart spaced beautiful most loving space within.
48H X 30W
As the sun takes her dip she illuminate the sky showing off the many layers of life’s colors. As day turns to night, and night to day, even this shall pass away.
14H x11W
Water Color and Pencil on Paper
Each of us a circle of completion, intertwining in this magnificent gesture we call life. I allude to completion as we are all whole in our truest nature. In our authentic SELF> the Non-Self.
E’s Garden
30H X 20W
In the process of an evolving piece it never ceases to amaze me the path of each piece and the journey I embark on in the midst of creating. Sublime awe for letting go of needing things to be a certain way. I wonder, “Can one see the tree amongst the forest?”
30H X 48W
Acrylic, resin, oil, Drip Paint, House Paint, Sticker, Steel Bolts on Canvas
990 represents that “almost” 100% that we somehow think we have to be in order to feel successful. The chaos, the order- the way we attempt to compartmentalize our lives to feel comfortable in discomfort. The suggestion here is to let go. To allow for the absolute experience of being human without judgement of Self. Using discernment and proper assessment instead of reacting from the chaotic mind.
48h x 36w
Acrylic, Oil, Elephant Dung Paper, Paste, Glitter on Canvas.
The Crow, often misunderstood in our culture, is actually one of the most majestic, wise and magical creatures. The spirit animal that represents the mysteries of life. Watch the Crow and learn about the purposeful way this creature lives its life. We can learn much from Crow.
48h x 36w

Acrylic, Elephant Dung Paper, Wood, Glitter- on Canvas
We humans here as spiritual beings at a time when our world is exploding with technological advancement and the question raised, “How are we advancing as spiritual beings here in human form? This Earth, this Universe- what is our place in it? What is our meaning to be here, if not to know thy Self truly?
Spray Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Screen Material, Button, Glitter, Resin on Reclaimed Wood
Awaken the warrior within. The wooden button in the left corner of this piece is key. This simple button is symbolically important in its suggestion, gesturing of how one culture can influences and ultimately can dominate another culture. The wooden button is symbolic of what can be closed- what can be open.
10H X 10W
Spray Paint, Acrylic, Screen Material on Canvis
With humanity and all life in mind and heart- can you let go of your need to be right, your politics and remember for just one moment your magnificence?! We are not separate. Let go of the Stories! Let your wings expand. The cage is simply made of habits of beliefs in our minds. For even just a minute today- let go and feel the beauty of life.
48H X 36W
Spray Paint, Acrylic, Putty on Canvas
We enter the complexities of relationships with ourselves and others in this piece. Every so often we enter into the the dance of beautiful Love with another. This unconditional love that is experienced only when we are in connection with our most Sacred Inner Being. Awe all the chaos gives way and we are free!
11H X 14W
Acrylic and Mat Resin on Wood
Our reefs are dying off because of consumption and entitlement. Our lack of respect for ourselves and all. The beauty and enormity of all that is, needs our attention. Let us work to find authentic and loving connections with our Self and all that is.
36H X 36W
Acrylic on Canvas
In the Expansive Infinite Universe I find myself in Soul connection with Self and the whole. The pieces come together in this moment of profound and joyous alignment with my authentic Self and all that is.
These orbs- these circles in my work represent Soul, Universe and Wholeness. Our infinite connection to all that is- to all that we are.
10H X 10W
Acrylic, Paste on Canvas
Am I on the river? Am I the River?
30H X 48W
Acrylic, Card Board, Feather, Leaf, Bark Paste Mixed Media on Canvas
Spiritual Essence Piece- Commissioned
Awakened to Freedom!
48H X 36W
Acrylic onCanvas

Soul in infinite space experiencing human form and then, free again of body. Again, and again.
The circle- the soul, the earth- red- our karmic hearts, our yearning hearts, longing for home- bits, tiny bits of glitter barely seen- our human form- barely a glimpse in the scheme of all pervasive life- yet shiny and still here.
The white streaks- layers of universe’s forever endless.
My heart bleeding to connect
The light of our infinite Soul in this infinite Universe.
This piece is meant to be very light on the canvas

48W X 24H
Acrylic on Canvas
Ocean Series
MOVEMENT- Oh, the way we move, our ever-swirling lives. We come from great nourishment, wellness and abundance
. How we intertwine. Our Souls in a dance with one another and all that is.
48H X 48W
Acrylic on Wood – Hung with Bolts and Chain
As we exist in this time and space reality I ask, “Who am I?” We humans get caught up in the stories about our lives, caught up in our personalities. Caught up in our fears, worries and of how others perceive us. We look outside of ourselves for truth and validation. This is our demise. This piece begs the viewer to seek within and to ask the question, “Who am I? If I am not my name, my occupation or title in life- then who am I? The Human in “HERE” stands in this Universe alone- each line and shape representing the endless thoughts of the mind, while the birds sweep by freely, representing all of freedom and nature. The ultimate duality we face, when we are even a bit conscious, living in Western Culture and finding connection with our True Nature- our most intimate, abundant and magnificent Self.
48H X 24W
Acrylic, Spackling Putty, Paste, Charcoal, Cardboard,Twine, Leather Mixed Media on Wood

I feel if we experienced one another as Divine Light, as opposed to experiencing one another with judgements and expectations, we would be Free. Free to love, free to be and free to feel ourselves and others as magnificent beings. #love
48H X 24W
Acrylic, Tree Bark, Elephant Dung Paper, Glitter, Putty on Wood- Hung with Piano Wire Copper Coiling, Twine and Leather
Finding oneself amongst the chaos. Are we birds in cages trapped within our own minds? Despite chaos and the flutters of despairing minds, we find can our freedom in connection with all that we are, with all that is. This bird frees herself from the cage of attachment and identification.
48H X 24W
Acrylic, Wood, Spackling Putty, Paste, Charcoal Mixed Media on Wood
I could feel my Spirit Fighting as I soared along the Sky of Courage. Surrender to all attachment. Surrender to all fears. Surrender to pain. Surrender to love. Free. Oh, that Sky so beautiful indeed.
18H X 20W
Acrylic on Wood
Ocean Series. Reverence for the power of water. The stillness and the storm of the great seas.
40H X 30W
Acrylic on Canvas
From the depths of despair she rises to meet again the experience of life. This piece represents a great rebirth for me, as I rose from what felt like an endless Abyss. After I dove, got shoved off, the podium of my life and who I thought I was, I finally made way to light again. The courage to surface without walls. A very simple piece.
36H X 36W
Acrylic on Canvas
Surfing the great Reef’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Dragged over and under again and again by the giant force of water. Spilling finally onto the Reefs. Pinnacles, Fuck Ya- Bubbles all took a piece of me- drowning- gasping for air – being pulled out-  as I have at times in my life- oh, the feeling of shame. Taking, giving- heart full- heart empty. OPEN now- wide open- quiet under the sea. My mind goes mad then finally silence. Seven overhead- now nine- the Reef steals some blood. I stay awake. She could not take me. Breathing- coming up for air- present- AWAKE again. Now shameless.
20H X 20W
Acrylic and Wood on Canvas
One Person in alignment is far more powerful the millions who are not. Whenever we come together for a cause, from a space of deprivation, we create more deprivation. The laws of the Universe are simple- whatever the vibration we omit, we will receive back the exact mirror of that vibration. Only when we cast our attention and connect with our Inner Being, Our Soul- our Self- then change and love is possible for all.
Rusted Something, Paint, Spray Paint, Varnish, Golden Threads, Burlap, Leather, Feathers
Findings from the past. Places held up by things. By memories.
11H X 17W
Photo, Burlap, Mixed Media on Wood
The burlap patches represent the pubic hair- our beautiful bushes, that have been snatched away by the dictates of western culture. Bald and bare we women have had our bushes, Snatched.
Water Color, Pencil, Paper
Bit by bit this became a meditation in and of itself. Each leaf and petal a quiet and restful stroke that brought me closer to a solace within.

2H X 30W
Photo, Paper, Acrylic, Charcoal, Paste, Mixed Media on Canvas
Feel me in. Feel me out. Touch me in. Touch me out.

Acrylic, Oil, Paste on Canvas
Oh, I keep telling the Moon to reveal it’s light. But there is no light in the moon. Oh the prankster moon reminds me of all the pretenders. The frauds and fakers that pretend to be Lit.
Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal, elephant Dung Paper on Paper on Wood Panel
She wraps herself in her cloak and walks away from all she has known, leaving pieces and scraps for the hungry wolves. To the horizon of her Soul she strides.
“ANNA’S HILLS” (Green Piece) and “SOULEST”
Acrylic, Paste, Glitter on Canvas Board on Wood
Oh, the emerald hillsides of Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher call me today.
10H X 10W

Acrylic, Paste, Glitter on Canvas
Oh, the possibilities. How we dream- how we create our beautiful lives. Tapping into our glorious potential. Let your Soul shine!
20H X 20W
She is the one that is all of us. She peers through the obstacles of life and reaches beyond all suffering to be present and in grace with truth. She looks at you as though you are the mirror to her most precious Self. She sees you- you see her. Wall down.
48H X 24W
Acrylic on Canvas
She is not lost or afraid as this piece might seem to convey. The strong white line piercing her third eye and the other white lines represent her connection to her Inner Being- to some form of Enlightenment she finds within herself. She has one eye open to the outside world, and if you peer close you will see her other eye closed- attention on her Soul. The other lines and images represent the chaos, the love, the world, others we find ourselves dancing with in this life’s experience. In the clutter, she quietly finds her alignment with Self.

11H X 14W
6H X 6W
Sprinkles of things B-Jewel my heart.
48H X 24W
Acrylic on Canvas
Nature and Technology. We all long to connect- to feel loved and safe. This piece represents how we compartmentalize thoughts in order to not feel discomfort or feelings such as shame. Even the beauty of the flower gets compartmentalized in thoughts. We commentate in our minds relentlessly, “Oh, this flower smells so good- look how pretty, this tastes yummy- on and on- etc…” Whether conscious or not we yearn to break the compartments and feel our nature, our freedom. We cling fiercely to the compartments for fear of feeling exposed in what is seemingly, the unknown.
Water Color on Paper
North Shore,Rainy day in Hawaii.
10H X 10W

Acrylic, Paste, Glitter, Varnish on Canvas
Ever been in Wonderland?
48H X 36W
Acrylic and Paper on Canvas
Pop Culture Me? Pop Culture You? Selfie Life. Duality between who we think we are and who we authentically are.
Sketch Pencil on Paper
Someone in my mind, remembered.
14H X 11W
Water Color and Pencil on Paper
Raw, Simple, Open.