What if we considered for a moment that we are, Universal Beings. That our existence in this human experience is one of connectedness to all life. When I write, “all life“, I am referring to the ever and all pervasive energy that never ceases or yields- it simply is. It is the essence of all things and beings, and it is gloriously pure, positive and loving.
It is only in our perceptions generated from a disconnected mind space that we experience the illusion of separation, and only in our repeated habits of living blindly and in the trap of the ego-ic mind that we experience ourselves and others as separate.
I am not suggesting that we are all melded as one physical body, for we can see that we appear differently and uniquely in our embodiment- well at least our outer layer. Hey, but, skin is skin, eyes- faces- aren’t we made of the same ingredients?!
So, let’s consider that energetically, anatomically, spiritually, we are all of the same essence- We are the Whole of existence. If we deeply understood and experienced ourselves as a part of Whole, would prejudice, the need for right and wrong exist?
What if I were to suggest that by bringing your awareness to your Internal Experience, rather than your External Life and External Circumstances, can be powerful and simple way to shift your perspective from separation to connection.
You might be thinking, Why would I want to do that?”
Simply answered- “It doesn’t seem like things are going exactly as planned or desired lately- i.e. Covid, Discrimination, Natural disasters ten fold…War, Extreme Nuclear Warfare- chemicals in our foods, Homelessness, Hunger- WTF”
So, perhaps you will consider something different- give this a go- Close your eyes. Bring your attention to your inhales and exhales, the breath. You will notice a tiny pause in between each inhale and exhale. Brilliant, now linger in those tiny pauses. As you begin to slow the breath, so too, shall the mind slow a bit. Focus on your breath and give way to part of you that is witness to your mind and body. You will surely experience a presence that is not your mind, as you move your attention inward. (Meditation, Guided Relaxations tools- many out there, and can be found on line or in books- Wild Ride to Bliss, is a tool book I have written, that offers several tools for finding connection and the experience of love and beauty). I am certain you will experience the essence of what I am suggesting when allowing your perspective to move to a deeper internal space- We are part of an experience that reaches beyond our personalities and preferences. In this Inner Being space, we can experience our natural, beautiful and abundant Self. From this experience, we intuitively come to trust our connectedness to all that exists.
How can we destroy or despise what we are connected to, what we are a part of? The habits we have developed which suggest that we are all separate from all and others, creates a void within our minds. From this mind illusion void, stems behavior, perceptions and actions to fill and, or, hide the void. We fill that void with everything from physical attachments, emotional baggage such as shame, fear, guilt and worry, to greed and a misuse of power . We feverishly try to cover up our void in the face of others. The only true healing and awakening will come from experiencing for oneself, the connection to one’s Inner Being Self.
Through gentle exercises in meditation and connection to breath, we have the opportunity to shift our perspective and we can begin to narrow the void that keeps us grossly in the experience of separation from Inner Being Self, Others and the Whole.
The essence of who we are exists always and prior to our physical embodiment.
The Bloom of the Flower exists before the seed, before the soil, before the sun light. The bloom is the essence of the Whole. We are like the Flower, but we have forgotten. We first are seeded, there is germination and a growing period- than into full expression- the Bloom. The difference between us and the flower- The flower is simply the flower in it’s authentic self, connected to all life. We, on the other hand try to be rathe than be! We are magnificent Spiritual Beings in a bodily experience. We are the Whole. Ready to awaken and bloom?